4. Rolling Over Your 401k

When you have a 401k plan at work, and then leave that company, the 401k is still "yours," but you have to call the 401k plan provider to issue a "rollover check" that you can then send either to: 1. your new job 401k plan, 2. your IRA at TD managed by SAS, or 3. to your own self-managed IRA.


Rollover check instructions:

1. Call your 401k provider to initiate the rollover check

2. Make check out to: TD Ameritrade FBO [your IRA Firstname Lastname]

3. Confirm your home address to receive the check

4. When you receive the check, write your TD IRA account number on the memo line or somewhere on the check

5. Send check to:

TD Ameritrade
PO BOX 650567
Dallas TX 75265-0567

6. If sending to a SAS managed account, the SAS Advisor Team will confirm via email when the funds are received


Note: For 401k accounts with a Roth 401k component, two checks are issued for, 1. a pre-tax 401k or IRA rollover, and 2. a Roth 401k or Roth IRA rollover. For the second Roth check, be sure to include the name and account number for the Roth account.