Newsletter 05/22/2020

This is the week that marks the start of gradual reopening. The stock market seems to think the problem is solved most days. Every few days the stock market is reminding us of the economic problems in our midst; it’s been a bit of a bumpy ride. One noticeable change over time is that time seems to have been compressed.

Newsletter 05/14/2020

Shelter in Place presses on, businesses reopening begins and life continues. I often lean on the “pebble in the pond” analogy to demonstrate the ripple effect of decisions and subsequent intended and unintended consequences.

Newsletter 05/07/2020

This week many states are reopening slowly. 

It is an experiment that contradicts guidelines set by the Federal government and health experts like Drs. Fauci and Brix. Guidelines are just that; they can be ignored.

Newsletter 04/30/2020

The rhythm of our lives has adapted to the “new normal”. Work at home, daily walks, the challenge to keep the refrigerator full, try new recipes, Zoom calls and staying connected to friends. I watch too much news and hope you don’t. My wife stays far from the news; she is much smarter. My excuse is that listening to the news is part of my work. Why?

Newsletter 04/23/2020

Hello Clients,

The beat goes on. Watch the news as sparingly as possible. Same goes for watching your portfolio. The markets are out of our individual control. Choose to limit your exposure.

Newsletter 04/16/2020

As the shelter in place orders wear on, markets are fidgety and the large majority of us are testing boundaries of our own with the continued balancing act of work from home schedules, having young children at home (whilst working from home), Zoom-everything from work conference calls to virtual class instructions, family check-ins, friend social hours etc.

Newsletter 04/09/2020

Dear Clients,

Newsletter 04/03/2020

Hello from SAS Financial Advisors,

Newsletter 03/26/2020

Here we are at week 3 and email update number 3 from SAS Advisors, LLC. The Covid-19 situation is getting worse as predicted, life rhythm changing for all of us, daily challenges, thinking about going to supermarket or just going out or even worse for those of whom are uncomfortable with technology figuring out how to order groceries online.

Newsletter 03/17/2020

Dear Clients,

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