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Nothing is more important than health.  You can have all the money in the world but what does that mean if your health is suffering.  Some health conditions are genetic and hard to control but a healthy lifestyle is under your control.  Even if you live a healthy lifestyle often health issues arise.  Just like personal finances, it is important to take responsibility for the conditions you can control.  I have been borderline diabetic for quite a while.  I am no longer borderline; I am now officially diabetic-type 2.  I started taking a prescription this week-not Ozempic although, apparently eligible. I am severely modifying my diet to eliminate sugar and white flour because I can control my diet. In fact, it is the only lifestyle factor I can control because I have been exercising for 45 years 5 or 6 days a week and I walk 20 miles a week in addition. 

We also eat mostly healthy, but those chocolate chip cookies are no longer possible. Well, maybe once a week?  In our team’s many years of experience we learned most people are all or none. In other words, most people cannot have just one.  I am definitely one of those, so it is cold turkey for me with sugar and white flour.  

Good health is such an important part of quality of life, and I have had a couple of setbacks, one of which is type 2 diabetes.  In April I had a biopsy of a skin lesion that turned out to be stage 1a melanoma and had subsequent surgery including removal of a couple of lymph nodes.  Fortunately, the biopsy post-surgery was negative but the wound on my back/shoulder became infected.  Turns out I have a great wound care nurse, my wife. This was necessary because we had a long-scheduled tour to Sicily and Paris.  She did a great job, and we were able to travel and had a wonderful time.  

The issue of health is an important dynamic of achieving your personal financial goals.  Health in many ways is complicated but, in some ways, simple.  Respect for your body is part of moving in a healthy direction.  Respect for your body means eating healthy, exercising, listening to your body, treating any joint, muscle, ligament, bone, organ issues.  Regular doctor visits or medical professional visits are critical.  My melanoma was discovered on a visit to my dermatologists that I made.  I had not seen her for about 1 ½ years and knew it was time.  Make sure you visit your dermatologist regularly as you age.  Colonoscopies are also part of health issues as you age.  Don’t delay despite the inconvenience.  If you are diagnosed with some condition, comply with the medical instructions by taking your drugs, doing your exercises or whatever else is prescribed.  Read about alternatives to a traditional doctor prescribes to see if any of those treatments or strategies make sense to you.  There are holistic medical professionals who offer different treatments that might make sense to you.  My experience with the medical system says that medicine is 20% science and 80% art.  Our expectations of medicine are reversed though and that can lead to unrealistic expectations.

Take some simple steps towards a healthy lifestyle if you have not.  Eat healthy food focusing on the Mediterranean diet with lots of vegetables, fruit and whole grains.  These foods and preferably organic can be found at your local farmers markets of which we have many in our SF Bay area and they are available all year Click here to find out more:

If you do not engage in daily exercise, start by walking regularly.  Click here to find our more:


Zay - Here! Ira’s Health conversations really sparked a great thought on what we can be doing better for ourselves and our family. As a mom of three Covid really pushed my need to fulfill that necessity. Learning about finding locally sourced milk, what herbs can optimize health, trying to honor the primitive need to raise our energy (grounding anyone?). Reality is even if you take all these initiatives your environment can play a big role in what can happen in your lifetime. Creating a space wherever you live that is healing and nurturing for your soul is a beautiful place to start regardless of uncontrollable outcomes. Here are some awesome resources to find local meat, milk and nutrient dense fruits and veggies. 


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Raw Milk Finder - Real Milk

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CSA - Community Alliance with Family Farmers (





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