Fees for Financial Planning and Investment Management

Fees for Financial Planning

Financial Planning fees will be charged in one of the three ways listed below,
upon mutual agreement with the client:

1) Fixed fee: Fixed fees typically range from $800 to $5,000 depending on the nature and complexity of each client's circumstances and upon mutual agreement with the client. We require a retainer upon the signing of the advisory agreement of 50% of the negotiated fee. The balance is due upon completion of the advisory service; and/or

2) Hourly basis: Our hourly fees range from $75 to $350 per hour, depending on the nature and complexity of each client's circumstances and upon mutual agreement with the client. An estimate for total hours will be determined at the start of the advisory relationship. 50% of the estimated fee may be due upon signing the advisory agreement. The balance (based on actual hours) is due upon presentation of the plan to the client.

3) Retainer Fee: SAS also offers a retainer fee based on a combination of hourly fees and assets under management fees. The retainer fee will include the ongoing development and updating of the financial plan. The factors that will be used to determine the amount of the retainer fee include the complexity of the client's circumstances, the estimated amount of time that will be involved, and the nature and frequency of the reporting that will be provided. The retainer fee agreement covers all areas discussed and agreed upon by SAS and the SAS's Financial Planning fee is determined based on the nature of the services being provided and the complexity of each client’s circumstances. All fees are agreed upon prior to entering into a contract with any client.

Fees for Investment Management

Our annual fee for Individual Portfolio Management services will be charged as a percentage of assets under management, according to the following schedule:

Assets under management Annual Fee (%)*

Up to $1,000,000.............................................. 0.70% to 0.85%
$1,000,000 to $4,999,999.................................. 0.60%
Over $5,000,000................................................ 0.50%

*SAS will quote an exact percentage to each client based on both the nature and total dollar value of that account.

Our fees are invoiced in arrears at the end of each calendar quarter based upon the value (market value or fair market value in the absence of market value), of the client's account at the end of the previous quarter. Fees will be debited from the account in accordance with the client authorization in the Client Services Agreement.



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