How Prepared Are You?

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Blueprint for an emergency: 


Nothing like a health event to put this in the spotlight. Here is an aid to begin a cheat sheet as to what to have on deck in an event where:


-Your partner becomes ill and is hospitalized

-A child becomes ill and is hospitalized

-Death of a spouse

-Death of a child


Ask yourself: What do I need to have in place if my spouse becomes disabled and cannot work?!

There is financial preparedness and there is emotional preparedness.  Most of these events come as a surprise.  


  • Estate Plan (will and trust up to date)
  • Beneficiaries
  • Company Equity-Do your RSUs vest at death?
  • What coverage do you have for short/long term disability?  If you're on payroll, chances are you have some coverage through work (Inquire with your benefits provider what percentage of your salary is covered and whether you could pay a premium to cover the difference)
  • Passwords!  Secured shared access.
  • How many accounts are there? where? In whose name? How can you access the funds and what is the highest and best use of each account?
  • Phone tree for kids support.
  • In case of Emergency - fill out on phone
  • Do minor aged children know who to call in case of an emergency?
  •  Make sure children know their address and or that they know where to find where their address is written in the home.
  •  Make sure they know parent phone numbers, or at least know where the ICE phone tree is located.
  •  Make sure kids know how to dial 911 on a cell phone (especially if you have a code lock on your phone)
  • Optional- establish a landline so that there is less barrier to access a child to dial 911.
  • Identify support people ICE, - who could watch your children while you are tending to a spouse in the hospital? Meal train resources?




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