Why can’t we all just get along?

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Why can’t we all just get along. This week there was a piece in Axios, a newsletter about politics and current events that specializes in easy reads.  This piece was put together by the founders of Axios.  Here is a link to a piece titled Behind the Curtain: America's reality distortion machine.

Why America isn't as divided as we think, according to data

The focus is that Americans agree on much more than they disagree.  Social media and cable news is dominated by fringe groups that command headlines by their extreme behavior.  Because of the attention these fringe elements receive in the media it seems like there are no areas of agreement among different tribes in America.  I urge you to read the article link to see how we view ourselves and other Americans that we might disagree on some things through the wrong frame and change the frame and we agree on many more things than we disagree with.   

Inflation moving higher or not. Markets can’t seem to make up their minds.  Wednesday’s CPI numbers exceeded market expectations and equity markets declined precipitously as well as interest rates rising with the 10 year treasury hitting a new high after its previous November high.  Well, that was before Thursday’s wholesale producers price index that came out lower than expected.  PPI is a more forward-looking indicator as producer prices indicate lower prices for consumers.  Market had a hangover from Wednesday's higher than expected CPI with fears that the Federal Reserve will take longer to lower interest rates or maybe not lower them at all this year.  The morning had markets volatile and indecisive until the afternoon when markets decided the good news about PPI outweighed the concerns about CPI.  Markets rallied, especially the NASDAQ, and closed higher.  Earnings begin this week with banks first. Stock valuations are at historic highs, so earnings need to keep pace in order for prices to keep at current levels or higher.


Some mistakes for couples to avoid when discussing money.

  4 Mistakes Couples Make When Discussing Money - The New York Times



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