• 1. Accessing your TD Ameritrade account for the first time

    To set up access to your SAS managed accounts online:

    1. Go to the URL www.advisorclient.com (pro tip: bookmark this link too)

    2. Choose the link in the bottom right-hand corner "First time here? Set up my profile"

    3. You will need your account number and the mobile phone number entered on the account application

    4. TD Ameritrade Institutional will also send you a postage mail letter with your account number once opened

  • 2. Adding your new accounts to your Advisorclient.com TD Ameritrade Institutional online access

    1. Link your new account to your existing username at www.advisorclient.com

    2. Choose: "Accounts" dashboard

    3. Click: the "+ link account" hyperlink under your dashboard "accounts and values" list

    4. Enter your new account number provided by your SAS Advisor Team or a postage mail letter from TD Ameritrade Institutional


    Contact your SAS Advisor Team for a username or a password refresh

  • 3. Have you recently moved? Changed phone numbers/email addresses?

    It's a good idea to periodically ensure your TD accounts managed by SAS have your most up-to-date contact information. Here's how:

    • Login to TD Ameritrade Institutional: www.advisorclient.com
    • Username: Forgot your username? Email your advisor team for a refresher.
    • Passwords: Forgot your password? Email your advisor team for a password reset.
    • From "Accounts and Values," on the main home page, click on accounts one-by-one
    • On the right-hand side of the browser, choose the "Edit Account Information" hyperlink text
    • Then choose the "Edit" links to edit each section of profile data that requires any update
    • Note: spouses within the same household may have different usernames
  • 4. Rolling Over Your 401k

    When you have a 401k plan at work, and then leave that company, the 401k is still "yours," but you have to call the 401k plan provider to issue a "rollover check" that you can then send either to: 1. your new job 401k plan, 2. your IRA at TD managed by SAS, or 3. to your own self-managed IRA.


    Rollover check instructions:

    1. Call your 401k provider to initiate the rollover check

    2. Make check out to: TD Ameritrade FBO [your IRA Firstname Lastname]

    3. Confirm your home address to receive the check

    4. When you receive the check, write your TD IRA account number on the memo line or somewhere on the check

    5. Send check to:

    TD Ameritrade
    PO BOX 650567
    Dallas TX 75265-0567

    6. If sending to a SAS managed account, the SAS Advisor Team will confirm via email when the funds are received


    Note: For 401k accounts with a Roth 401k component, two checks are issued for, 1. a pre-tax 401k or IRA rollover, and 2. a Roth 401k or Roth IRA rollover. For the second Roth check, be sure to include the name and account number for the Roth account.

  • 6. Check your SAS Managed account beneficiaries:

    Login to your TD client account at www.advisorclient.com.


    1. From the dashboard, click into a specific account from the chart of accounts list.

    2. On the right hand side, click on "Edit Account Information," this is a text link. Only completed, signed TD forms can update beneficiaries for clients.

    3. Even though clients *cannot* edit the beneficiaries, they are listed at the bottom of the edit account information on the page

    4. For any and all accounts, contact the SAS advisor team (link "SAS Advisor team" to the /clients page) to make any updates to your listed beneficiaries (for retirement accounts) or TOD "Transfer on Death" designations (for non-retirement accounts).

    5. Forms

    a. For all Retirement accounts, fill out this form.

    b. For all non-retirement, Individual accounts, fill out this form.

    c. For all other accounts, contact your SAS Advisors Team.