Elizabeth Prindle Certified Financial Planner™

Senior Associate
(650) 394-7994

My passion is helping individuals and couples gain mastery over monitoring and increasing their net worth in order to reach their financial goals. From improving spending, career management and stock option planning, to executing on smart investment options and retirement planning, I enjoy being a part of bringing comfort and freedom over the personal financial lives of my clients.

I hold the designation for the Certified Financial Planning™ certificate, which means that I've successfully completed 1. my bachelor's degree in Political Science at the The George Washington University in Washington, DC, 2. the Executive Certificate Program at San Francisco State University, 3. passed the national Certified Financial Planning TM exam, 4. practiced in all of the key areas of personal financial planning under another CFP® with the required work experience, and 5. maintain the fees, continuing education and ethics associated with the certificate.

My background for 12 years is in online marketing using analytical and creative problem solving to help companies advertise online efficiently to find the best customers to serve while also increasing their bottom line. One of the reasons I became a financial planner is because as a planner, I use the same analytical skill-set to improve business financials for advertisers that I use to help individuals and couples increase their net worth and improve their overall finances.

I remember remarking with a Professional Photographer client of mine who at one point confessed to me, "I've earned a B.A, a Real Estate license, a J.D. in law, and also an MBA, so tell me why after all that schooling I didn't learn the basics of personal finance until I entered my first MBA course in Finance in one of my final semesters?"

If you're like my Professional Photographer client, you've worked hard to complete your education, carry on your studies, get a good job or create your own, save, and maybe start a family despite a difficult job market after graduation and record high levels of student loan debt. How can we manage our personal finances and get ahead if we're also having to pay down loads of student loan debt, self-fund our retirements, and figure out how to manage our budgets as individuals and jointly when we've entered into a couple? The common advice doesn't seem to be resulting in the same results for us that previous generations benefited from.

But there are answers and solutions. Focusing on financial literacy and making better decisions in our lives combined with understanding our financial priorities helps our clients’ everyday reach their goals. We have many clients who've worked with us to successfully launch their personal financial plans towards their goals from retired Boomers to newly professional Millennials.

For that reason, we help clients in our formal financial planning practice, and we also teach a more affordable "Do-It-Yourself" introductory to personal financial planning workshop in partnership with San Francisco State University College of Extended Learning and NovoEd.com to help individuals and families at all income and asset levels. For a basic understanding on how to pick an advisor, pay down debt, budget, plan for retirement, maximize employee benefits and insurance, through to understanding the basics of estate planning, have a look at our upcoming workshop offerings:


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