6. Check your SAS Managed account beneficiaries:

Login to your TD client account at www.advisorclient.com.


1. From the dashboard, click into a specific account from the chart of accounts list.

2. On the right hand side, click on "Edit Account Information," this is a text link. Only completed, signed TD forms can update beneficiaries for clients.

3. Even though clients *cannot* edit the beneficiaries, they are listed at the bottom of the edit account information on the page

4. For any and all accounts, contact the SAS advisor team (link "SAS Advisor team" to the /clients page) to make any updates to your listed beneficiaries (for retirement accounts) or TOD "Transfer on Death" designations (for non-retirement accounts).

5. Forms

a. For all Retirement accounts, fill out this form.

b. For all non-retirement, Individual accounts, fill out this form.

c. For all other accounts, contact your SAS Advisors Team.