Change or Manage beneficiaries for your Schwab Accounts

Login to your Schwab Account -

1. From the dashboard, click profile in the top right corner, then click beneficiaries.

2. You can select any of the top tabs to add, edit or view for: 

Contact information please follow instructions to the security center to update your login or password.

Trusted Contact select the tab and add a contact person for Schwab to have a resource to contact if any suspicious activity of financial exploitation or for concerns of your well-being. 

Beneficiaries Review and confirm with your advisor who you to name as your beneficiary for your long-term financial goals. You can add beneficiaries once you click on the tab and follow the hyperlinks. 

Account Access select the tab, review what kind of access you want to provide. For more information on access type click here. Click on the selection of choice and provide contact information. This will need to be done for each account separately.