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Welcome back from Thanksgiving. I was excited to jump back into writing the weekly SAS Newsletter since our last one two weeks ago formalizing the Election results and the Market responses. Writing this newsletter is something I am looking forward to beginning Monday morning each week.

Thankful 2020

The election is over! Votes have been tallied and now we wait as the current President is not officially recognizing the President-elect. It was a perilous time before the election, and although one box can be checked, and it is a big box, many more remain.

Election results and the Markets: A big week during a big year

The Presidential election 2020, held last week, left the country with many questions and a result. This week, a very big week, in the midst of a very big year, the SAS newsletter covers end of year tax planning considerations, election results, and market responses.


The day after election day 2020


2020 Presidential Election: one week away in the markets

The 2020 presidential election is one week away. Though the final election results might be more than one week away. Fatigue of the upcoming election, pandemic, uncertainty in the world, masks is all around- it’s a lot to take in. Election fatigue should be the first to be resolved.

Registered Investment Advisors, Financial Planning, and Oversight

Election 2020 certainty and uncertainty in the markets dominated the SAS newsletter last week. In this SAS newsletter, we describe our CA stat

Election 2020 and Market Certainty/Uncertainty

Last week’s VP Debates, a summary of quarter over quarter recovery decreases and increases, and the marginally steepening Treasury yield curve were mentioned in our SAS newsletter. This week, we focus more concretely on the election, only three weeks away on Tuesday November 3rd, 2020.


First VP Debate 2020

From last week’s SAS newsletter highlighting the Presidential candidate debates, economic predictive analysis, and mortgage updates, to this week’s SAS newsletter highlighting the Vice Presidential candidate debates, you won’t want to miss it below!


Debates and other Things That [*Funk*] Me Up

With the nation still mourning Ruth Bader Ginsburg's passing last week, the SAS newsletter highlighted both Ginsberg's passing primarily as well as current market events secondarily.

The 2nd half of 2020: Current Events and Investment Management

Various economic recovery predictions were highlighted in last week's SAS Newsletter. Recovery curves represented by similarly shaped letters are used usually U-shaped, V-shaped, K-shaped, etc. SAS underlines the elements leading to a K-shaped economic recovery prediction.

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