Another week, another S&P 500 record high

Last week, the SAS newsletter highlighted the DNC, the impact of the Federal Reserve on markets, and the Fear of Missing Out when assessing investing new cash or selling out of certain investments - essentially, holding on to conserv

Newsletter 08/20/2020

Investing and the Fear of Missing Out

Last week, we highlighted the phrase "Don't Fight the Fed" to explain the relationship between current events and the unexpected, positively rebounding market, catch more

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  • Newsletter 08/13/2020

    "Don't Fight the Fed"

    “Don’t fight the Fed” is an old Wall Street saying. That is the only explanation I have for market performance in 2020. There is a great deal of bad news and yet the S&P 500 reached an intraday record this week and may very well close at a new high in the midst of a recession.

    Newsletter 08/05/2020

    The hits keep coming. In the news it seems there is never a dull moment yet at the same time it feels as though our lives and time are frozen. Life during the time of Covid-19 is different from any time in our lives before. The expectation of change is constantly in the air.

    Newsletter 07/31/2020

    So far this week we are facing the expiration of many provisions of the CARES act, most importantly, the extra weekly unemployment benefit of $600 as well as additional funding for testing, schools, municipalities and states, hospitals and more. A Democratic Congress is negotiating with a Republican Senate and the White House.

    Newsletter 07/23/2020

    Events are unfolding rapidly, assumed Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden is presenting policy statements. Of particular interest to us is his proposed tax reform policies.

    Newsletter 07/17/2020

    In a world where events seem out of your control it is important to find decisions in your life that you can control. Examples would be wearing a mask, social distancing, washing your hands and being prudent in your behavior. Maintaining your discipline in regard to your behavior is a daily challenge. 

    Newsletter 07/10/2020

    Important Reminder!

    Newsletter 07/03/2020

    Important deadline approaching

    Newsletter 06/25/2020

    We were hoping for a slow week, so much for that!

    An upcoming date to pay attention to is the current tax filing deadline of July 15th, 2020. Individuals have until the tax deadline to:
    File their 2019 taxes (or file an extension to file in October)

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