Newsletter 07/23/2020

Events are unfolding rapidly, assumed Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden is presenting policy statements. Of particular interest to us is his proposed tax reform policies.

Newsletter 07/17/2020

In a world where events seem out of your control it is important to find decisions in your life that you can control. Examples would be wearing a mask, social distancing, washing your hands and being prudent in your behavior. Maintaining your discipline in regard to your behavior is a daily challenge. 

Newsletter 07/10/2020

Important Reminder!

Newsletter 07/03/2020

Important deadline approaching

Newsletter 06/25/2020

We were hoping for a slow week, so much for that!

An upcoming date to pay attention to is the current tax filing deadline of July 15th, 2020. Individuals have until the tax deadline to:
File their 2019 taxes (or file an extension to file in October)

Newsletter 06/19/2020

​​​​​​I am learning to wait until later in the week to write the newsletter because whatever I write on Monday’s draft might be out of date by the time you receive it. Head spinning is the best way to describe how I feel. It can be exhausting. Yet there is an element of fascination in how the human spirit responds to stress. So much happening all at once.

Newsletter 06/13/2020

By comparison to previous weeks, not as much has happened this week and it’s a moment of respite for many, a chance to catch our breaths.

Newsletter 06/05/2020

We thought it couldn’t get worse, here we are with a trifecta of huge challenges. Pandemic, unemployment nearing record highs and now the murder of George Floyd sparking the largest civil rights movement of all time with demonstrations in all 50 states and protests igniting internationally.

Newsletter 05/29/2020

More activity and gradual reopening are happening. Take a look at the stock market over the past couple of weeks. If your barometer on the economy is the stock market, then the market’s near rebound indicates life will return to normal any day now. Cognitive dissonance rises to the top of my thinking. Stock market is good, however main street/unemployment is not good.

Newsletter 05/22/2020

This is the week that marks the start of gradual reopening. The stock market seems to think the problem is solved most days. Every few days the stock market is reminding us of the economic problems in our midst; it’s been a bit of a bumpy ride. One noticeable change over time is that time seems to have been compressed.

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