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Election 2020 certainty and uncertainty in the markets dominated the SAS newsletter last week. In this SAS newsletter, we describe our CA stat

Election 2020 and Market Certainty/Uncertainty

Last week’s VP Debates, a summary of quarter over quarter recovery decreases and increases, and the marginally steepening Treasury yield curve were mentioned in our SAS newsletter. This week, we focus more concretely on the election, only three weeks away on Tuesday November 3rd, 2020.


First VP Debate 2020

From last week’s SAS newsletter highlighting the Presidential candidate debates, economic predictive analysis, and mortgage updates, to this week’s SAS newsletter highlighting the Vice Presidential candidate debates, you won’t want to miss it below!


Debates and other Things That [*Funk*] Me Up

With the nation still mourning Ruth Bader Ginsburg's passing last week, the SAS newsletter highlighted both Ginsberg's passing primarily as well as current market events secondarily.

The 2nd half of 2020: Current Events and Investment Management

Various economic recovery predictions were highlighted in last week's SAS Newsletter. Recovery curves represented by similarly shaped letters are used usually U-shaped, V-shaped, K-shaped, etc. SAS underlines the elements leading to a K-shaped economic recovery prediction.

Predicting the future and economic recovery

Last week, the SAS newsletter highlighted recency bias and how current events have a lasting persistency in our decision making framework. It's a human bias to have a blind spot for anticipating better or worse times, different than today's conditions.

Market climb stalls, recency bias - will it last forever?

Last week we discussed the relentless climb higher for the major indexes, along with the need for American confidence in the way the country is responding to Covid19 and the economy, continuing racial tension, and the Fed’s latest approach regarding inflation and inflation rates.

A relentless climb higher for all the major indexes

Last week, the SAS Newsletter highlighted the market nearing record highs, and the two Americas: Main Street and Wall Street. SAS remains cautious amidst the ever shortening news cycle.

Another week, another S&P 500 record high

Last week, the SAS newsletter highlighted the DNC, the impact of the Federal Reserve on markets, and the Fear of Missing Out when assessing investing new cash or selling out of certain investments - essentially, holding on to conserv

Newsletter 08/20/2020

Investing and the Fear of Missing Out

Last week, we highlighted the phrase "Don't Fight the Fed" to explain the relationship between current events and the unexpected, positively rebounding market, catch more

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